Becoming independent learners can help you in your own learning.
You will have access to a wide variety of resources to help you work through and master the middle school algebraic skill set.
You will add to this pool of resources and help others to learn the language of the universe.

The Algebra Ladders:
The skills are broken into four parts
Follow the IN ORDER
Follow the most famous and familiar pattern of them all...

1 is followed by 2, which is followed by 3, which is followed by 4 and so on.

Learning the Skills:
Actively watch the tutorials. If one isn’t working for you, try another one.
You don’t have to worry about not being able to stream video in school. You will have some Tutorials on a Stick.
Textbook tutorials are also a great resource and always there on your tablet, no internet limitations.
Play the games.
Use the online interactive activities.

When you think you can do it, try:
Online problems – click on the links
Some skills have online worksheets.
Some are blank in this column. We have more worksheets on a stick, for copyright reasons we can’t put these on the internet.
Your TEXTBOOK has lots of problems

When you think you have mastered it
Do an online quiz - these will be emailed to you from
Create an online tutorial using