Your photos will be uploaded by your teacher in our UNIS Ha Noi Flickr photo stream

A tape measure was used for the rise and the run. The method should be mentioned.
From AoD Images

Math08 - AoD - Maths everywhere - gradients annotated

Click here for a tutorial on how to superimpose a grid over a photo using GSP - easy in Photoshop too

Step One:
Look for different gradients around you - at school and at home or out and about
Look in our Flickr account (link coming) so that you don't repeat anything

Step Two:
Take the photos

Step Three:
Insert Image into your Onenote page
Step Four:
Annotate your images

Step Five:
Snip the image with your annotations
Save as an image
Use this nomenclature Math08 - AoD - Gradients - Images - NAME OF PHOTO - YOUR NAME
eg: Math08 - AoD - Gradients - Images - Climbing Tree - Melissa Griffin
And paste into your Onenote page to submit

Step Six:
Discuss YOUR results.
Do they make sense?
Do the values match the steepness you can see?