You should aim to watch at least one videoabout mathematics, just for fun, a week. Yes, just for fun.

Do YOU know of a movie or short clip with interesting mathematics?
Interesting? Weird? Beautiful? Fun? Mind bending?
Add it to the list below. You can enter a hyperlink or embed the video.

It doesn't only have to be about algebra, any mathematics belongs here.

Have you ever noticed the mathematics jokes and references in episodes of the Simpsons?

SquareCircleZ Friday Mathematics Movies

Something for everybody. This site posts short movies/films/clips about maths in the real world.
From rock climbing to metal music.
When you find one you like, post it here.
Here are some for now
SquareCircleZ Toys
SquareCircleZ Rock Climbing
SquareCircleZ The Beatles
SquareCircleZ - murderous math tricks
SquareCircleZ right brain times tables

TED talk - mathemagician

TED talk - Robert Lang Origami

James Blunt and his triangle love

TED talk - Theo Jansen creates binary pets
Some of you have binary pets on your computers. The one below is Nghia's.

Check them out, on the beach, in this amazing TED Talk involving science, mathematics, design and more