As well as the links below you will have
Tutorials On A Stick (see your teacher). This is just in case you are at school or cannot stream or connect to the internet.
Tutorials in your textbook are great too.
Links to Worksheets on the school portal (restricted to UNIS students due to copyrighting of material).
Use your textbook as well as the worksheets to practice these skills.
Online Tutorials
Games and Practice
Worksheets and Exercises from your Textbook
Coordinates on the Cartesian Plane

BBC Bite Size coordinates a mole and pig
Class zone Coordinate practice
mathwarehouse ordered pairs interactive
Knowing the Cartesian Plane IXL
Shodor - maze game
IXL - coordinates on maps
Battleships - a classic coordinates a mole and pig
Feed Billy the Bug

Karl Fisch explains slope - part one YouTube
Karl Fisch explains slope - part two - includes problems for you YouTube
mathwarehouse - slope formula interactive
Excellent GSP games - four to try Space Logic
The Moving Man - gradients and distance graphs
Roller Coaster facts and figures - can you calculate the slope?
IXL - applications of gradient

Graphing y=mx+c
slope intercept form
Mr. Hamada explains how to graph a line with y = mx + c
[[ YouTube|Karl Fisch explains how to graph a line using y = mx + c]]
Karl Fisch explains how to graph a linear function using a table of values YouTube
NVLM line plotter
BBC Planet Hop
Shodor - Slope Slider

Write the Equation from the graph in slope intercept form
Funbased learning - Line Gem
Sara 8 CS

Funbased learning - Line Gem

Calculate the slope and y-intercept from y = mx + c

Graphing Standard Form Linear Equations Ax + By = C
Mr. Hamada explains how to graph a line using standard form
Karl Fisch explains the method using x and y intercepts YouTube

Changing Form - Conversion - using your algebra skills
Valley View High - notes