As well as the links below you will have
Tutorials On A Stick (see your teacher). This is just in case you are at school or cannot stream or connect to the internet.
Tutorials in your textbook are great too.
Links to Worksheets on the school portal (restricted to UNIS students due to copyrighting of material).
Use your textbook as well as the worksheets to practice these skills.

Online Tutorials
Games and Practice
Worksheets and Exercises from your Textbook
Finding the Equation of a straight line
Sara 8CS teaches us y = mx + c from slope and a point

Karl Fisch teaches Writing the equation in slope intercept form YouTube
Karl Fisch teaches writing the equation from a point and slope YouTube
Marc Whitaker teaches the point slope form YouTube - student video - eqn from 2 points - downloaded

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines P1
mathwarehouse parallel and perpendicular lines and their slopes interactive - make notes
Perpendicular Song - Hitachi on YouTube

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines P2
Karl Fisch teaches how to graph parallel and perpendicular lines YouTube
Marc Whitaker graphs parallel and perpendicular lines YouTube

Karl Fisch graphing inequalities YouTube
IXL - graphing inequalities

Powers of Ten - How big or small is that?
Powers of Ten - film
Powers of Ten - FSU
IXL - exponents
IXL - evaluate exponents
IXL - exponents - solving for a variable
IXL - exponents with negative bases
IXL - mutliplying exponents
IXL - division with exponents
IXL - exponents - mutliplication and dvision problems
IXL - exponents - The power rule

Extension Land

IXL extension
Mathforum - Interesting Problems from history Bridge problem is behind how the world wide web works
Extension - Cheetah chase - Systems of equations